From California to Alaska, a tsunami warning has been issued for the west coast.

Following an undersea volcanic eruption in the Pacific Ocean, a tsunami warning has been issued for North America’s western coast and Hawaii.

The warning was issued by the National Weather Service for California, Oregon, Washington, Hawaii, British Columbia, and Alaska’s coastal areas.

The tsunami will bring “large and dangerous rip currents to all Southern California beaches today,” according to the National Weather Service.

“If you’re in this coastal area, stay off the beach and away from harbors and marinas,” the NWS warned shortly before 5.30 a.m. PT (Professional Training)

It said that while the affected areas should not expect widespread flooding, they may experience “a series of dangerous waves many hours after the initial arrival time.”

“The first wave may not be the largest,” the advisory cautioned.

Flooding of vulnerable coastal locations was possible on Saturday morning, according to meteorologist Christopher Nunley.

Following the most recent eruption of Tongа’s Hungа Tongа Hungа Hа’аpаi volcаno eаrlier thаt dаy, eаrlier tsunаmi wаrnings were issued in Austrаliа, New Zeаlаnd, Tongа, Americаn Sаmoа, аnd Fiji on Fridаy night.

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