CENG News is an online international news platform founded in 2019 with an enthusiastic and passionate news team. Each reporter in our news team has a speciality in different fields.

CENG News will be covering all most all type of news;
* politics ; elections,interviews and speeches of the goverment leaders)
*Sports; soccer (World Cup, Champions League, La Liga, Seri A, Premier League, Bundesliga and other top leagues and tournaments.) Basketball (NBA, WNBA, NCAA, Turkish Airlines Euro League and other top leagues and tournaments.) Tennis, Baseball, Volleyball, Hockey, Football, Golf, Handball, Athletics, Wrestling, Skiing, Swimming, Formula 1, Boxing, Ice hockey and other popular sports.

*Lifestyle News; Popular destinations for tourism, leisure, fitness and healthy life tips, ethnical and new trend food and drink.

*Entertainment News; music, Tv shows and series, Movies, Celebrity news and gossips, Theatre, Video games, Awards and Red carpet fashion.
*Science and Technologhy
*Finance and Business
*Health and Education
*Weather and Forecast
*Local and International news
*Community news
*Breaking news
*Crime news
*Arts and Culture
*History news
*Fashion and beauty tips

As CENG news we believe in and support your freedom of information and we will work hard to in order to give you the access to information. We respect of your right of access to information and informing you with actuel and unbiased news is one of our fundamentals. Our other core values beside being independent are truth and accuracy, fairness, humanity and accountability.
With the decline of newspapers as a result of web journalism CENG News is aiming to be part of the future of the news business with its strong fundamentals.

As opposed to boring news websites we publish news that you have fun of reading and news that contains information and tips that are usefull for your everday life as well.

As CENG News we focus on being one of the most popular online news platform and in order to that we will not give up from our ethics and integrity. In CENG News you will find news with rich content. We will not publish news with pretentious titles just to get clicks.